llvm-test cvs head not working

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llvm-test cvs head not working

Anton Vayvod

I'm trying to run llvm-test (current CVS head) with the following command:
$LLVMOBJDIR/projects/llvm-test$ make TEST=llc report

I run into the following error:

make[5]: Entering directory `$LLVMOBJDIR/projects/llvm-test/SingleSource/UnitTests/Vector/SSE'
make[5]: *** No rule to make target `Output/sse.expandfft.linked.rbc', needed by `Output/sse.expandfft.linked.bc'.  Stop.

I tried to exclude the SSE, UnitTests and SingleSource directories from makefiles one by one but make didn't find rule for some other directory each time.
It seems that llvm-test is not very consistent now (or may be I do smth wrong). I tried to compile 1.9 release but got LibDeps problem (was mentioned earlier in this mailing-list:

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Subject:
> Re: using dsa
> From:
> John Criswell <[hidden email]>
> Date:
> Tue, 06 Mar 2007 09:53:43 -0600
> To:
> "Ryan M. Lefever" <[hidden email]>
> To:
> "Ryan M. Lefever" <[hidden email]>
> Ryan M. Lefever wrote:
>> I tried using the -r release_19 flag (as was originally
>> suggested), but that version of LLVM fails to compile.  I get the
>> following error:
> I did a clean checkout of the release_19 branch and got the same

> problem.  It seems that the following line in tools/llvm-config/Makefile
> is doing it:
> $(FinalLibDeps): find-cycles.pl $(LibDeps)
>   $(Echo) "Finding cyclic dependencies between LLVM libraries."
>   $(Verb) $(PERL) $< < $( LibDeps) > $@ || rm -f $@
> So, it's generating the FinalLibDeps.txt file, but because the perl
> script returns 1, it then deletes it.
> Reid (or someone else knowledgeable with llvm-config), is this correct
> behavior?  Is llvm-config exiting with status 1 because it found a
> cycle, or is this a bug?
> -- John T.

Tell me, please, how to get either llvm-test working or 1.9 release compiling.

Thanks in advance and best regards!

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