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[llvm-dev] [Job opening] Compiler engineer in MediaTek, MA

Amara Emerson via llvm-dev

MediaTek in Woburn, MA is looking a compiler engineer. Any application is welcome to e-mail to [hidden email].


MediaTek is the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company and powers more than 1.5 billion devices a year. We lead the market in chipset technology for Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD), Android tablets, and feature phones, and we’re number two globally in mobile phones. At the heart of the MediaTek chips that power millions of phones around the world is a custom multi-core vector DSP system, running code highly optimized by MediaTek’s LLVM-based compiler.


We are looking for exceptional engineers to join our Boston-area team and develop the high performance compiler for our 5G wireless modem.


You’ll have the opportunity to influence the company’s prospects by developing and extending new compiler technology, and contributing to processor architecture definition for 5G modem products. We’re particularly interested in:

·       Parallel programming paradigms

·       Loop code generation and scheduling

·       Using machine learning techniques in compilation

·       Superoptimization

·       The relationship between compiler and processor design




·       Analyze and design compiler optimizations

·       Develop compiler support for new processor architectures

·       Analyze and improve generated code performance, stability, and efficiency of our toolchain

·       Interact with global teams within the company, including:

·       With the processor development team, prototype and propose architecture improvements

·       With the modem firmware team, develop effective programming strategies and improve code efficiency

·       Conduct design and code reviews

·       Engage with internal customers and deliver answers/updates/features to support their development


Minimum qualifications:


·       BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related discipline

·       1+ years experience developing and contributing to compiler project code base, such as LLVM, GCC, ICC, MSVC

·       Excellent coding, problem solving and analysis skills, including experience with assembly code

·       Passion for programming languages, computer architecture, and/or code optimization


Preferred qualifications:


·       MS/PhD with compiler and/or processor architecture focus

·       Experience with compiler code generation and optimization development

·       Understanding of modern processor instruction set architectures, including multi-core, multi-thread and vector processing

·       DSP or embedded systems programming experience is helpful

·       DSP or wireless algorithm background is helpful


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