compile error with HowToUseJIT

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compile error with HowToUseJIT

Hi all!

I have installed LLVM 1.9 under FreeBSD and read the documentation.
Problem: examples/HowToUseJIT fails to compile.

I entered the following command in the directory /usr/home/x/llvm1.9/examples/HowToUseJIT :

It stops after producing object files (.o) without comment.

When I enter the following (from the documentation):
g++ `llvm-config --ldflags` -o HowToUseJIT HowToUseJIT.o `llvm-config --libs engine bcreader scalaropts`

I get:
In function `(anonymous namespace)::ForceInterpreterLinking::ForceInterpreterLinking()':
/usr/home/x/llvm1.9/include/llvm/ModuleProvider.h:71 undefined reference to

Any help appreciated

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