[PATCH] trivial: remove unused variable

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[PATCH] trivial: remove unused variable

Benoit Boissinot-4
fix the following warning:

FastDSE.cpp: In member function ‘bool<unnamed>::FDSE::handleEndBlock(llvm::BasicBlock&, llvm::SetVector<llvm::Instruction*, std::vector<llvm::Instruction*, std::allocator<llvm::Instruction*> >, llvm::SmallSet<llvm::Instruction*, 16u> >&)’:
FastDSE.cpp:174: warning: unused variable ‘AA’

--- a/lib/Transforms/Scalar/FastDSE.cpp (revision 39772)
+++ b/lib/Transforms/Scalar/FastDSE.cpp (working copy)
@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@
 /// handleEndBlock - Remove dead stores to stack-allocated locations in the function
 /// end block
 bool FDSE::handleEndBlock(BasicBlock& BB, SetVector<Instruction*>& possiblyDead) {
-  AliasAnalysis &AA = getAnalysis<AliasAnalysis>();
   MemoryDependenceAnalysis &MD = getAnalysis<MemoryDependenceAnalysis>();
   bool MadeChange = false;

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