NULL successors exposed via GraphTraits

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NULL successors exposed via GraphTraits

Thomas Pani
Clang's CFG construction introduces NULL successors for infeasible paths.
These are exposed via GraphTraits iterators, which is currently unhandled in LLVM code, e.g. in llvm::DFSPass(...)

To reproduce:
    $ echo "int main() { return 0 ? 0 : 0; }" | clang -cc1 -analyze -analyzer-checker=debug.DumpDominators -x c -
segfaults in llvm::DFSPass()

The question is, should this be fixed in LLVM or Clang?
I'm attaching a patch for llvm::DFSPass(), but I suppose there are other pieces in LLVM that would need adaption...

This is also assigned to the Clang static analyzer folks in Bugzilla #16085 [1].

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