LLVM-based IBM summer internship position

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LLVM-based IBM summer internship position

Vikram S. Adve-2
IBM is looking for a student with LLVM expertise for a research project on optimizations for Cell.  They have been in discussions with Michel to use the Cell back end for LLVM being developed at Aerospace, though I don't know if a final decision was reached on that (any news, Michel?).  The goal of this work is to add new (LLVM-level and/or back-end-level) optimizations targeted at Cell.

This search is being started somewhat late for the summer.  If you are interested in this position and qualify, please contact me as soon as possible.


          Chris Frazier/Austin/IBM


[hidden email]


Mark Nutter/Austin/IBM@IBMUS, Hema N Reddy/Austin/IBM@IBMUS


Re: Follow-up to IBM / UIUC co-op, LLVM<a href="Notes:/852569E1001FB175">Reid D Minyen

Professor Adve,

Below you will find the job description we discussed. If you would, please post this Job description with any and all available sources that provides us the best opportunity to find qualified candidates. I believe that Mark mentioned that Senior undergraduates and gradulate school level candidates that meet the requirements are welcome to apply. As far as an initial contact, if possible, you can screen and forward resumes to Mark Nutter. If time doesn't allow, please post Mark ([hidden email]) as the person to forward their resume to. Thanks again for your help.

Happy Trails,

Chris Frazier

IBM CO-OP position
: IBM Cell BE Advanced Applications & Software Development Kit Team
Work Location: Austin, TX
Start time: As soon as available (End of present Semester).
Timeframe: Full Semester or negotiable or longer depending on availability.

Grad-caliber co-op position, CS or CE with working knowledge of 
internals of LLVM compiler infrastructure, to work with Cell / B.E. 
software & hardware architects to extend the function of CellSPU port

of LLVM for future architectures. Candidates should have a strong 
background in compilers, JIT, OS internals, and RISC-like instruction 
set architectures, and be comfortable working with debuggers, simulators, 
and performance analyzers. Prior experience on Cell / B.E. is not 
required, but is a plus.

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