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LLVM Developer Position

Binu Mathew
LLVM Developers,

We are looking for a great compiler engineer for our project at Siemens
Technology-to-Business Center in Berkeley
(http://www.ttb.siemens.com/). Currently we are planning to use
LLVM/open source as  our  foundation.

The candidate will be developing a compiler for a clustered
micro-processor for stream oriented applications.
This is a challenging, but highly rewarding senior compiler engineer
position. If successful, the candidate will automatically become the
director of software engineer for an EDA startup company.

Here is the url of our ad at monster.com:


Though the ad says contract, this is actually a normal full time
position. Please feel free to forward this email any appropriate
individuals or forums.

Thanks for all the great work the LLVM team has been doing!

- Binu Mathew <[hidden email]>


Position:* Principal Compiler Engineer
*Company:* Siemens Corporate Research
*Field of business:* Engineering
*Location:* US-CA-Berkeley
*Mode of employment: *Full Time
*Job number:*

Position: Principal Compiler Engineer

Company: Siemens Technology-To-Business Center

Field of business: Software

Location: US-CA-Berkeley

Mode of employment: Full Time, Temporary/Contract/Project


Required Skills: IR and backend optimizations, VLIW/DSP/loop
optimizations, integrated scheduling and register allocation for
clustered register file architectures, power optimization, Unix/C++/Python


Siemens TTB seeks an experienced Compiler Engineer to develop a GCC/LLVM
based backend for an advanced embedded VLIW processor. This is a
challenging position in a startup environment where the successful
candidate will lay down the foundations for the compiler infrastructure
that will form a critical part of a new product. Success in this crucial
task will lead to the candidate becoming the de-facto director of
software engineering for a start-up company and therefore requires
substantial effort and dedication upfront.


Main responsibilities will be to rapidly produce a VLIW backend as well
as assist with complex systems programming tasks. For this position,
C++/assembly language wizardry will be taken for granted, experience
with simulators is required, and familiarity with EDA design flows is a


What will set the successful candidate apart from the crowd will be
breadth of knowledge, familiarity with Python, Pyrex and Swig bindings
and the ability to solve challenging problems independently. MS/PhD or
5+ years of relevant experience required.


Applicant must live/relocate within commuting distance of our office in
Berkeley, CA.


Please forward your resume to:

[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>

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