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2 experimental projects

Gabor Greif
>> In case of the llvm tests the situation is somewhat more
>> complicated, since dejagnu is driving the process, and
>> dejagnu hinders us in a direct $(MAKE) invocation, so
>> it falls back to -j1. My approach is thus using dejagnu
>> to build up makefiles in test/.../Output/... and when
>> these makefiles are executed by $(MAKE) we will
>> get the same output as before. Each of the makefiles
>> shall create the .testresults files just like clang tests do.
>To be clear... do you plan to use the exisiting mechanism to execute the 
>"RUN" lines? This is much preferred over the TestRunner script and there 
>are many reasons why we transition away from using TestRunner.

The RUN: lines will be executed in the same way as before.

>Also, will you preserve the ability to run a subset of tests via 


>Will dejagnu still produce one log file or will there be multiples?

There will be per-suite logfiles and also the big digest concatenated

>How will this impact the nightly testers?

It shouldn't. If it does, then it is a bug and will be fixed.

>While its cool to run them in parallel, I don't want to lose the 
>functionality that we have now with dejagnu/tcl.

Me neither :-)




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