2.6 Release schedule

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2.6 Release schedule

Tanya Lattner-2

I apologize for the delay in setting the 2.6 schedule. Please be aware
that we are now moving to a ~6 month release cycle. In addition, 2.6 will
be our first release that includes Clang.

08/21 - Code freeze
08/28 - Pre-release1 testing begins
09/04 - Pre-release1 testing ends
09/11 - Pre-release2 testing begins
09/18 - Pre-release2 testing ends
09/21 - Release 2.6

For those that emailed me about being a part of the llvm release team, I
will be emailing you soon to confirm that you still want to volunteer and
with more details on what this release process will entail.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Tanya Lattner
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