2.2 Code Freeze: 1 Week Left

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2.2 Code Freeze: 1 Week Left

Tanya Lattner-2


The LLVM 2.2 code freeze and branch creation is less than 1 week away. At
this point, I'm encouraging everyone to think "stability". Please do not
check in major changes and please carefully watch all the nightly tester
results when commiting any changes at all.

As a reminder, here is the complete release schedule (which can also be
found on the main page in the right sidebar):

Jan 16, 2008: Branch creation/Code Freeze (9PM PST).
Jan 18, 2008: First round of pre-release testing begins.
Jan 28, 2008: Pre-release testing ends.
Jan 30, 2008: Second round of pre-release testing begins.
Feb 3, 2008: Pre-release testing ends.
Feb 4, 2008: 2.2 released.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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